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DataVision will have a live artist in our 5th Avenue window for 12 consecutive days leading up to Christmas.
Stop by and see the incredible possibilities with a Sony VAIO Tap20 Computer powered by Windows8.

Receive a FREE portrait created by our artists.  Your artwork will be given to you on a USB Bracelet where you can have it printed at your leisure with your choice of materials and sizes.

Window Artist Schedule


10 11 12 13 14 15 16
3-7pm 3-7pm 3-7pm 12-6pm 11-6pm
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
4-8pm 4-8pm 4-8pm 4-8pm 4-8pm 11-5pm 11-5pm

Tap20 Review

Tap20 / Windows8 Commercial

Sony Tap20 Product Images

John Colasante

asl081011John Colasante is a NYC-based figurative artist. Working mostly in traditional materials such as oil and linen, John has embraced digital technology for picture making. John works on painting, drawing and web design from his NYC studio.

Mia Robinson


Mia Robinson “MRob” is a fine artist who has been using mobile digital devices to draw and paint since late 2008. She is co-founder of the International Association of Mobile Digital Artists (iAMDA)–hosts of the bi-annual MobileArtCon–and has served as a community advocate and resource for mobile artists worldwide.  Her digital artworks have been featured in galleries, museums and publications worldwide–including the “Stylectrical” exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg, Germany and the most recent Mobile Art Festival in Los Angeles, CA.   Mia’s works are focused on the human figure–particularly live portraiture from her daily commutes on metro as well as various depictions of self.  Her approach to the mobile digital medium as is as it is with natural paint–quickly layering heavy strokes of color in an effort to build a painting as dynamic and textured as a traditional oil–but without the mess! Mia currently resides in Silver Spring, MD with an unruly feline and an arsenal of green tennis shoes.

Raheem Nelson

raheemnelson_1351615258_18My name is Raheem Nelson and I’m a Digital Cartoonist and Illustrator based in New Haven, CT. I studied traditional cartooning at The School of Visual Arts but have since branched exclusively into digital art. I’ve curated and participated in art shows in New Haven, New York, California, Vancouver, and Yorkshire. I publish a satirical webcomic called Little Robots every Sunday and teach digital art in New Haven.

Online Portfolio:
Social Media:

Chris Carrasco

302547_485339144820506_1800945020_nMy name is Christopher Carrasco. I am a part time Freelance Artist and create my own original comic book stories. I graduated from The High School of Art & Design in 2001, and The School of Visual Arts in 2005. I always had a love for superheroes and comic books, and found myself creating my own super-powered characters throughout my early life. Currently I make my own comic book story titled “The Renegades”, and post the developing story online under the name “Forbidden Comics”. I also take commissions and do freelance art. I have made portraits as wedding gifts, done comic books invitations for birthdays, story boards for commercials and indie films and much more.

My art process has evolved and changed over the years. Mostly incorporating and welcoming new technology and digital techniques. Currently I mix traditional drawing and digital coloring and aim to try going full digital with my work. People who view my work often note my colors as being a strong element in my work. I absolutely love color and experimenting with it.  Complementing  cool colors with warm colors, and dark values with bright values, I aim to present vibrant, eye-catching pieces. Please feel free to ask any questions and I hope you enjoy seeing my work.

Online Portfolio:
Personal Twitter:
Comicbook Twitter:
Personal Facebook:
Comic Book Facebook:
Tumblr Blog:
Deviant Art:

Richard Weinstein

SUBWAY-SERIES7Richard Weinstein graduated from School of Visual Arts and went on to continue studying at the Art Students League of NY, working under notable figurative artists such as Ron Sherr, Irwin Greenberg, Max Ginsburg and Sharon Sprung. Specializing in oil and watercolor portraiture, he has spent many years working in Fine Art, Illustration, storyboards, and murals. In addition to all that, Richard recently became a visiting painting instructor for the prestigious Doon School, located in India. He is now balancing his time between teaching abroad and also in NYC.

Tom Durham

prison series 3.5The sculptures and drawings I create are contemporary allegories that combine the classical with symbolic surreal imagery. They become personalized mythology influenced by literature, observation of life, and art. The dramatic imagery, are like still pictures, that have a narrative that alludes to its own past and future but it is the viewer that really defines the story with their own experiences and interests. Like most mythology, the narratives are heightened with the emotional complexities of everyday experiences that combine humor, pathos, and introspection of humanity. To accomplish this grand scheme, I constantly practice drawing through portraits, figure drawing, animal studies, and nature studies.

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