Grab the 3M MPRO120 Pocket Projector for only $99.99, today only.
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The 3M MPro120 Pocket Projector is a next-generation handheld, battery-operated projector. Whether you’re making an impromptu business presentation or sharing photos with friends, the MPro120 allows you to project images and videos on almost any wall, almost anywhere. Images can be displayed on-the-fly from computers or mobile devices including MP3 players or iPods, smartphones and digital cameras. Project image sizes from 8” to 50”. Built-in speakers provide sound. The energy-saving LED light lasts 20,000 hours. Cables, a protective bag, re-chargeable battery, a table-top tripod and a 90day warranty are included. Best of all, it fits in your pocket.

Turn almost any space into a meeting room. Share video, photos and presentations.

Share fun images, videos and even demos right on the spot.

Plays well with others.
The 3M(TM) Mpro120 works with computers, cell phones, MP3 / Mp4 Players, PDAs and more to project files, photos and movies almost anywhere there’s a surface.

The Latest and Greatest.
3M pioneered the pocket projector; now we’re making it even better. The 3M MPro120 projects images from 8 to 50 inches and incorporates next-generation features like built-in sound, a brighter and more colorful picture, plus battery life that lasts 2 – 4 hours. Its also one of the most affordable full-featured microprojectors on the market.

With the 3M MPro120 in your pocket, you can turn almost any space into your personal projection room. Thanks to energy-efficient LED technology, it can deliver a whopping 20,000 hours of operation (typical LED life). Its unique Brightness Boost lets you increase luminosity by 20% at the touch of a button. And with 3M’s enhanced battery life, you can enjoy a full two-hour movie without plugging in. Fun, versatile and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Packed with Features
Project from your computer, iPod(R), iPhone(R), and devices with video out
Share videos, pictures and presentations
Features 2 built-in speakers – no extra speakers to carry
Up to 4 hours of battery life – watch a full length movie

In the Box
Small leather pouch
Mini Tripod
AC Adapter
Video Cables and VGA Cable
Lithium Ion Battery
90 Day 3M Warranty

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